GREAT WATCH: Trump's Road to the White House Film

Posted by Michael Maday on

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  • Heck of a great comment previous person. AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Can’t add anything to that!
    Thankful for smart, patriotic, God fearing only people.

    Joyce A Durand on
  • Good job in the name of Jesus will help you to be successful

    Sam Yoder on
  • Its most important to me that our President Trump stays “untainted” by the swamp known to eat up all that step foot in it by lobbyist and those who serve themselves and not the American People. They must remember the American people run the government. Even after winning the election, every evil possible was thrown at our President. Every agenda item was fought, even by the GOP, which only showed who was still serving themselves and not the will of the people that won the right to implement our agenda. Most important to me, is the deportation of the illegals, and the stopping of importing refugees from Muslim majority countries that bring ISLAMic terrorist into our beloved homeland. There is no excuse for not naming the enemy, nor for being PC about the real problem that Islam promotes murdering infidels, and taking over our American culture with their own. Most politicians sanctimoniously steer clear of this topic, yet we are at war, killing these people after 911, and should not be shamed into not speaking the truth. Islamophobia by definition is a irrational(phobia) fear of Islam. There is absolutely nothing irrational about fearing Islam considering the murders of our American sisters/brothers sons & daughters by Muslims. The term is made up by the enemy, by Obama and must be exposed. There is never going to be anything good that comes from allowing more Muslims into America. I am the most tolerant, anti-racist person you will meet, but I am a realist, college graduate, that has done my homework. A muslim by definition is someone that practices Islam literally. One only needs to research Ex-Muslims to learn they are horrified that the very country, and Cult of Islam they fled, would be welcomed to America and allowed to continue to terrorize them in the new home they have found. Ex-Muslims who are now Christians shouldn’t have to plead with Democrats & Republicans for their safety in America, yet they do. So Mr. Trump is our hope to stop the brainwashing of our PC correct broken government.

    Sarah on
  • Trump will be 45th President for 2 terms
    Pence will be 46th President for 2 terms

    . on

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